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Dr Moore is USDA / APHIS accredited to generate international health certificates!

When pets travel internationally, many countries require an international health certificate to be issued (completed, signed and dated) by a veterinarian and then endorsed (countersigned and embossed/ stamped) by USDA APHIS. When USDA APHIS endorsement of the health certificate is required, the veterinarian that issues the health certificate must be USDA Accredited. Luckily, Dr. Moore is one of a few USDA APHIS accredited veterinarians in Pinellas County!

REMEMBER, once Signed by Dr. Moore you only have 10 days for USDA APHIS stamp AND your pet's actual entry into your destination country! There is a lot of overnight document movement!

Your destination country may have specific health requirements that must be met before your pet can enter the country. Since export requirements are determined by each country and can change frequently, every time you plan pet travel you will need to verify the export requirements. As soon as you know your travel details, log onto (https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel) to determine the requirements for your pet to enter your destination country. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications/ treatments. When you know the requirements for your destination country contact East Bay Animal Hospital for an appointment to begin the International Health Certificate Process.



At East Bay Animal Hospital we customize the vaccine schedule to meet each animal’s needs. Not every pet needs every vaccine! Our team would delight in discussing the most appropriate vaccine protocol for your pet with you.

east bay animal hospital wellness exam The core vaccines we administer are: Rabies,DHPP, Bordatella, and FVRCP.
east bay animal hospital wellness exam The non-core vaccines we administer are: FELV, FIV, Influenza, Lymes, Grardia, Lepto, FIP, and Corona

Important Message From Dr. Moore:

Dear East Bay Animal Hospital Family: Several cases of H3N2 Dog Flu have been confirmed in Florida. There is no evidence that the H3N2 virus infects people, but is a highly contagious between dogs. We have the vaccine available. Please call the office to schedule a dose administration if you are concerned your pet is at risk for exposure. We have provided the following H3N2 CANINE INFLUENZA VIRUS FACT SHEET for your information: read PDF

• University of Florida,
College of Veterinary Medicine Website

• American Veterinary Medical Association Website

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Pet Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

We know how important your pet's health is to you. It's important to us too.

East Bay Animal Hospital reccommends two (2) check-ups per year to ensure maximum health for your pet. Health care visits such as these allow us to give your pet the best preventive care possible.

Our veterinarian will preform a comprehensive physical exam and obtain a complete medical history at each visit. We set-up a free Petly page for your pet. Learn more about your FREE personalized Pet Petley Portal. It's never been easier to manage your pet's health online.

East bay Anumal Hospital wellness exam At the first visit we will administer any required vaccines and check for blood and fecal parasites.
East bay Anumal Hospital wellness exam At the second visit we will do a semi-annual fecal analysis and perform any needed vaccine bosters.
East bay Anumal Hospital wellness exam For patients younger than 6 years, we reccommend the annual Junior Wellness screening.
East bay Anumal Hospital wellness exam For those over 7 years, we reccommend the semi-annual Senior Wellness screening.

Both exams include blood and unine analysis to provide important baselines for future comparison and detect hidden abnormalities before your pet is exhibiting symptoms. If caught early, many diseases can be successfully controlled through simple changes in diet along with certain medications, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses for you and unnecessary discomfort for your pet.

We love questions. So ask us! Our receptionists, veterinary assistants and veterinarians believe communication is paramount to a successful healthier partnership! 727-536-2743

What should you bring to your pet's wellness exam?

east bay animal hospital wellness exam Your pet!
east bay animal hospital wellness exam Questions and/or concerns about your pets health, activity and behavior.
east bay animal hospital wellness exam Stool sample (we only need about ½ teaspoon of a recent bowel movement).
east bay animal hospital wellness exam A urine specimen - one tablespoon, if possible.
east bay animal hospital wellness exam Previous healthcare records if we do not have them already!

New Client COUPON for your 1st FREE Pet Exam!


This is a one time coupon and is only valid on your first visit. ($47.00 value). Coupon good for one pet per household. Emergency visit and specialized services exempt. For pet owners aged 18 and older. Coupon must be printed and presented at time of appointment check-in. This coupon is not redeemable for cash. Go to >> Appointments

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