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Assistance to Veterans for their Cat or Dog

Largo, FL Veterinary Hospital

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It is our honor to be able to offer your pets MANY of our services FREE OF COST to you!!!

East Bay Animal Hospital assistance to veterans for their Cat or Dog in Partnership with Pinellas County Animal Services

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East Bay Animal Hospital Assistance to Veterans for their Cat or Dog in Partnership with Pinellas County Animal Services

East Bay Animal Hospital is honored to be the first private hospital to partner with Pinellas County Animal Services in providing NO COST annual vaccines, heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests, FIV tests and microchips to the pets of veterans with a valid Pinellas County Veteran’s Aid Certificate.

To obtain a Pinellas County Veteran’s Aid Certificate FOLLOW THESE STEPS:
STEP 1: To qualify the veteran must receive food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, public housing assistance or be a disabled veteran.

STEP 2: Call for an appointment or visit your nearest Pinellas County Veteran Services Office (locations listed below) and ask for a Pinellas County Veterans Pet Assistance Certificate.  Veterans, you need to get the certificate first in order to proceed.

STEP 3: Call East Bay Animal Hospital at 727-536-2743 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s vaccinations, tests and/or microchip! Your signed and numbered certificate MUST be provided to us DURING your appointment!! DO NOT FORGET IT AT HOME - we will not be able to honor this program without your certificate. Veterans, the only fee you will be required to pay for is the Pinellas County Rabies License ($20 for one year or $40 for three years).

Pinellas County Veteran Services Locations offering Pet Assistance Certificates: *   

Please call and make an appointment to receive this service.

501 1st Avenue N. Suite #514
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 582-7828


2189 Cleveland Street Suite #263
Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 464-8460


* An additional benefit available to certificate holders is pet sterilization services…East Bay Animal Hospital does not provide these services, but the Veteran’s Office can direct you to the local non-profit facilities in the Pinellas County that do perform these services

Print PDF of this page with the EBAH Pinellas County Veteran’s Aid Certificate instructions.
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