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Nutritional Counseling For Dog, Cat Weight Loss

Largo, FL Veterinary Hospital

A healthy balanced diet...

Hill's Perscription Diet

can mean a long and healthy life for your dog or cat.

East Bay Animal Hospital pet weight loss program

Proper nutrition is key to your pet living a full and vibrant life. At East Bay Animal Hospital, we recommend Hill's® Perscription Diet® products to our patients that have medical issues which dictate special dietary needs.

Obesity is prevalent in many household pets in the United States. Each time your pet visits us, we will weigh them and record it on their medical record. This will help us all be certain your pet does not start to suffer from this common ailment.

Interested in knowing your pet’s current body condition score? Click to see nutrition body weight chart for canine and feline.

At your next visit, ask your vet about the Hill's Healthy Weight Loss program or call 727-536-2743 to schedule a FREE nutritional counseling appointment with one of our Hill's® qualified technicians.

All Animals Deserve Compassionate Veterinary Care.