East Bay Animal Hospital Diagnostic Testing for Dogs and Cats

When your pet is not well, we always start with a comprehensive physical exam and detailed medical history.

After getting as much information as possible from you and your pet's exam, our veterinarians may accordingly recommend advanced testing to help diagnose the underlying problem.

Depending on the test ordreed, our team may need to collect blood, urine, fecal, or other biological samples from our pet. Please visit our HOSPITAL TOUR to see our facilities.

Some of the testing we do is as follows:

radiology testing Dog, Cat Radiology

radiology testing Dog, Cat Ultrasound

radiology testing Dog, Cat Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

radiology testing Dog, Cat Allergy Screening

radiology testing Dog, Cat Dermatology Skin Care

In addition to our East Bay Animal Hospital in-house pharmacy, we also offer Vetsource, an on-line pharmacy service which delivers directly to your home!